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Welcome to my website.

My name is Dr John Worsnop. I am  a Chartered Engineer with a flair for writing. 

Bravo Alpha Oscar is my Consultancy company.

I have many years of experience in the business of delivering all aspects of wireless systems from circuit design to emc testing, through system specification to customer-facing system and sales support, training and field trials.  

Rather than have a narrow specialisation I have a wide pool of experience and particular "passions," namely radio propagation, antennas and power amplifiers.  

In retirement I focus on areas related to the hobby of Amateur Radio.

I present training and talks on such topics to Clubs and Groups, and run a small hobby business in design and production of RF kits.

Details of these kits can be found at my Amateur Radio site      

Waterbeach in the Winter Floods


 The 24GHz propagation beacon at Wyton, Cambridgeshire.  Designed, built and installed by Bravo Alpha Oscar for the UK Microwave Group


































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